Blooper From American Girl Doll Beach Trip

I took Olivia my look-a-like American Girl Doll to the beach to film a video.  Here is a blooper that did not make it into the final video. We almost got washed away. Continue reading “Blooper From American Girl Doll Beach Trip”

Behind The Scenes


Thanks for checking out my new blog.  This morning I woke up early to make my new video.

It was just a simple announcement of my new website and PO Box.  It was a lot harder than I thought.  Normally I just have fun and talk about my dolls.  Today, I had to get the address right and it took many takes.  I think I was still tired. This is a behind the scenes photo of the video shoot.  I don’t look so happy.

We just started using the fancy light.  It is super bright and helps make the videos look better.   It is so bright that we aim it at the ceiling and let the light bounce back.  Come back here for more behind the scenes blogs.

Here is the video I shot:

If you want to send me mail, you can send it to:

Chloe’s American Girl
PO Box 251307
Los Angeles, CA 90025

I plan to read my mail in future videos.

My American Girl Themed Birthday Party


My birthday was on June 7th. I had an American Girl themed party with my friends. The next day I went with my mom, dad and sister to the American Girl Place to celebrate there. Continue reading “My American Girl Themed Birthday Party”

Decorating My American Girl Dollhouse

I got a dollhouse for Christmas and I love to decorate it for Holidays.   The first time I decorated it for Christmas. Then I decorated it for Valentine’s, Easter and the Fourth of July. I shop at Aahs a party supply store and Michael’s an art supply store. I usually spend about $40 for decorations.  Some of the things I do are free crafts. I like to glue a picture of the holiday on the TV set. Here is a picture of how I decorated it for the Fourth of July.



The dollhouse is made by KidCraft. You can get it at Target (click the link) or Walmart. Decorating your dollhouse is a great way to get into the spirit of the holiday.

Here are the videos:








American Girl Doll’s Texas Trip




I had an amazing time in San Antonio, Texas with my American Girl Doll Samantha. We went for a family reunion and stayed at a huge resort with a water park.  Here is the video of my trip.

Here is a video of me packing Samantha for the big trip.

Here is Samantha having fun at the lazy river and hanging out at the pool. Watch the video above to see her ride in the river.