Decorating My American Girl Dollhouse

I got a dollhouse for Christmas and I love to decorate it for Holidays.   The first time I decorated it for Christmas. Then I decorated it for Valentine’s, Easter and the Fourth of July. I shop at Aahs a party supply store and Michael’s an art supply store. I usually spend about $40 for decorations.  Some of the things I do are free crafts. I like to glue a picture of the holiday on the TV set. Here is a picture of how I decorated it for the Fourth of July.



The dollhouse is made by KidCraft. You can get it at Target (click the link) or Walmart. Decorating your dollhouse is a great way to get into the spirit of the holiday.

Here are the videos:









22 thoughts on “Decorating My American Girl Dollhouse

  1. hey chloe I am trying to comment on one of your videos but it will not et me it is not showing where to put my comment do you know how to help me


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