American Girl Doll’s Texas Trip




I had an amazing time in San Antonio, Texas with my American Girl Doll Samantha. We went for a family reunion and stayed at a huge resort with a water park.  Here is the video of my trip.

Here is a video of me packing Samantha for the big trip.

Here is Samantha having fun at the lazy river and hanging out at the pool. Watch the video above to see her ride in the river.






10 thoughts on “American Girl Doll’s Texas Trip

  1. Hi Chloe! I love your channel. I’m doing a channel just like yours because you inspired me to do this. I want to know you a little. When is your birthday?


  2. Hi Chloe!!i love you channel. You inspire so much to know so much about ag dolls. I myself have a ag doll, I have grace. I want to know you more better. In what state do you live in? How old are you? What inspired you to make ag videos? Chloe, I hope you can answer my questions. Hope you have 170 million subscribers.? Thanks


    1. Hello!!! I live in California, and I am nine years old. I made videos when I was young, and some gymnastic videos. Then I started to make AG doll videos and they got popular, so I kept making them.


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