My American Girl Themed Birthday Party


My birthday was on June 7th. I had an American Girl themed party with my friends. The next day I went with my mom, dad and sister to the American Girl Place to celebrate there. The next weekend I had an all family party on the beach. We did lots of celebrating. Tell me what your perfect party would be like.

Here is my American Girl themed birthday video:

Here is my birthday at American Girl Place:

Here is my celebration at the beach with my family:

41 thoughts on “My American Girl Themed Birthday Party

  1. Hey Chloe I LOVE your youtube channel 😀 I had my birthday at the American girl doll store it was my 1st time. after that we went to the American girl doll hotel it was a great birthday. I hope you had a great birthday to 😀


      1. hey Chloe have you ever been to the AG store in Atlanta. BTW I have been watching ur channel since when u had 10k subs!!!! Your awesome and so is your sister. keep up the good video please 😀 🙂


  2. i ove grace and how many amercan girl doll
    chloe can you do st . praten day
    kate you did good on youtube
    i love kate and chloe video
    good chloeandkate


  3. hey chloe I love all your videos I loved the one where you went to the fair. it would be a dream come true if I could meet you. by the way I love AG dolls to. please write back.
    From your biggest fan


  4. hey chloe I am a big fan I love your channel it is awesome so are you. I love all your videos I am really happy because today is Wednesday so I am hoping for a new video. I have been writeing to you so have my friends there names are big fan, huge fan, and paris lover. I love ag dolls I have one grace Thomas she is the best mach for me. I like only having one because I can not brush two dolls hair at the same time and I can not carry two dolls at the same time. but I know why you have more I think it is because if you are making a youtube channel about American girl dolls you can not just have one. please write back
    Love your biggest biggest fan named Ella


  5. I had my birthday at an American Girl store last month! It was so fun! It looked like you had a great time too!


  6. I have 3 American Girl’s of my own Addy,Isabelle,and finally Grace!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 My dad has the money :DDD XD


  7. I love your bday videos. Your party looked awesome! I once had an american girl party but my friends brought their dolls and we decorated t- shirts for them.


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