40,000 YouTube Subscribers!

Today was a huge day for my YouTube channel. I hit 40,000 subscribers. Thank you so much for all of your support.

phonto-1.jpg My channel is growing so fast and it is all because of you. I love my American Girl dolls, making videos and sharing them with all of you. I plan to make many more videos and hope to see the channel continue to grow.

If you haven’t seen my channel, please check it out here:

Chloe’s American Girl Doll Channel on YouTube





19 thoughts on “40,000 YouTube Subscribers!

      1. hi i love your videos keep making the videos ps i live close to los angols and i go to the american girl doll store in los angles and i gust want on sunday


  1. Hi Chole my names ellie and I would love to meet you .did you know there will be a new AG doll coming out somewhere near when school starts? -ellie
    Ps when I read you ate all the candy I laughed out loud


  2. Hey Chole me again ? I just went to the LA American Girl place and got the grace bakery I hope you are having a great summer I would subscribe to your channel but I don’t have a YouTube account but you videos are so funny I liked the scene in the hot candy challenge with the lollipop I can’t wait to see your new Wednesday video
    P.S how many AG dolls do you have?


  3. Congratulations!! My daughter and I love watching your videos together. She would absolutely love to win this gift card to go toward her birthday visit to the Chicago AG store in late September! We look forward to seeing a lot more videos. ???


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