Blooper From American Girl Doll Beach Trip

I took Olivia my look-a-like American Girl Doll to the beach to film a video.  Here is a blooper that did not make it into the final video. We almost got washed away.

Only people that come to my website will get to see fun behind the scenes moments like this.   We still had a great time. Check out the final video here:

Here are a few fun pictures from the day:

38 thoughts on “Blooper From American Girl Doll Beach Trip

  1. I don’t have a youtube channel but I’ve watched soooo many of your videos! I’m glad that Olivia didn’t get wet because then you would have to take the stuffing out of her body. Watched a youtube of it…


  2. hi chloe i really wanna win the american girl 50 dollar gift card because it can make my doll videos more popular! love,rylee


      1. You make great videos if you could I posted a comment on your you tube video the one about the contest if you could read that it would make me so happy? I want to buy Caroline before she goes away you can read more in that comment I posted ???


      2. please let me win chloe! i only have samantha parkington i really really want win . i went to california in november. ireally wanted to see if i could meet name is jaissiry . i subscribed to your youtube channel.


  3. Hi Chloe! I LOVE your videos! You are really creative too. I have a question, which of your American Girls dolls is your most favorite of all? If you had to had one?


      1. Chloe you are the one that I watch on YouTube a lot thanks without you I not have grace now Aaliyah


  4. Hi Chloe I got back from the beach a couple days ago and my mom , me , cousin, Aunt and uncle were out pretty far and there was a BIG wave so I dived under but I flipped back over and my head touched the sand but the worst part was it happened 3 times!!


  5. Hey Chloe,
    im a big big big fan of you
    recently i have started a youtube channel about american girl dolls
    and of course it was inspired by you xx
    can you check it out i have subscribe to you so can you subscribe to me plz
    i like all of your videos can you help me with what video topic i should do next
    Its sad because i have one doll from american girl a nothing else so what do i do with nothing from american girl and have a american girl channel
    FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!?
    thank you if you help LOVE YOU SUPER MUCH and my channel name is
    American Girl Adventures YT my profile pic is a truly me doll


      1. Hi I’m nyslyn I love your videos I always watch your videos even when it’s online school I’m not. Allowed to make a YouTube channel I’m 8 years old but can you start making new videos please


  6. Hi Chloe,
    I’m Nike and I have a lot of the old stuff and new stuff from American girl. I have like say 15 maybe dolls and a lot of their things. I would really appreciate if we could meet each other or at least send a letter back and forth. I am like your number one fan and I like have watched all of them. But In my coment under Corrine and ginn, I also asked that. So I’m only nine yrs



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