American Girl vs. Our Generation Camping Set

In today’s video, I opened and set up a camping set from Our Generation.   Our Generation is sold at Target. American Girl Dolls and Our Generation are the same size, so all the Our Generation accessories and clothing will fit your American Girl Doll.  I love Our Generation clothing and accessories because they are much cheaper.



The tent on the top is from our Generation.  It is is in my video. It comes with a sleeping bag, working lantern, cup, pitcher, and some food. It costs only $16.99 at Target.  The tent on the bottom is from the American Girl store.  It comes with a working lantern and costs $85.00.  You can see that is a huge price difference.  I am a big fan of American Girl items but Our Generation also makes great items and you can save lots of money.

Click on the title above to comment and let me know if you have Our Generation items too.


24 thoughts on “American Girl vs. Our Generation Camping Set

  1. Hi Chole its ellie I know this is not the gift card post but I would really like to win the gift card I tried commenting on the video but I do t have a channel I have an account but it won’t let me make one but i am subscribed and will write a comment on the gift card post I love the og camp set I also have the camper I got it for Christmas have a great day


      1. Hello I really want to win this because then I could finally go to the American girl doll store I have never been and they are opening it around my house yeah but I won’t have money and I won’t be able to go there with out the money I’m saving up. Will you plz coment back I would love to hear answer. I kind of want to get Julie’s egg chair cause you inspired me to get it

        Love journey. Plz I named my doll after you


  2. That looks like great item! It is much cheaper too! Do you feel like the American Girl tent and the Our Generation tent have the same quality?


  3. Hello Chloe I have named my doll after you and with that gift card I will be able to buy something and goto the American girl doll stors my first time I have never ever been I love your YouTube and you are inspiring me to get Julie’s egg chair cause I just got julie PS I am a late subscriber but I watched all your videos from first to last I even watch them 3 or 4 times just for the fun of it

    Love journey


  4. I think it’s amazing that you’re gong to give away a gift card to other people that don’t have any american girls for clothes for them you very thoughtful


  5. Hi Chloe I’m a big fan and the funny thing is I have the same name as you!?anyway I think it’s great that you are doing a giveaway because that’s what a lot of you tubers do. So please have more giveaways In the future. But if I won the card I would buy grace Thomas my fav girl of the year. And may the best and luckiest person win!


  6. hi Chloe!!!!
    im a urge fan and i love ur vids i think you are right that our generation stuff is much cheaper ! i started buying a lot of accessories from our generation for my AG cool thanks for the advice Chloe!!!!!
    love u byeeee


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