American Girl Doll Field Trip

Jemma is one of my best friends. We met each other in preschool and even though we go to different schools now we are still great friends. Jemma spent the night and the next morning we decided to take two American Girl Dolls and a Bitty Baby on a field trip to Starbucks. If you have watched my videos, you know I love to over pack.  We packed much more than you see in this video. We had filled my Our Generation Camper with accessories too but my dad would not let us bring that much. He said you can bring as much as you cn stuff in one suitcase.  We got a ton of stuff into that suitcase. We had a great field trip. I hope you enjoy the video. Click on the title of this post to comment and tell me what fieldtrips you have taken your dolls on.




16 thoughts on “American Girl Doll Field Trip

  1. I’ve taken my doll grace to Starbucks It was so much fun I rode my bike and brought a whole backpack of accessories I’m an overpacker too ?


      1. The weird part about it is I didn’t even use any of them I also packed the sit and snooze bed but I just hung the bag on the chair I even brought a bathing suit ?


  2. I’m not really aloud to bring my doll anywhere mostly because I only have 1 and didn’t even have her for a year yet but I brought her on a cruise ship to Puerto Rico and brought her to dinner and trivia. Also where id you get all of the food?


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