American Girl Crafts

American Girl makes many different craft items.  I found the above sets and tons more at  Click the links below to see these cool sets.

Card Making Set

Pencil Topper Set

Funky Felt Set

Circle Necklace Set

I had a great time making this video and making some of the fun crafts in the book.  If you want the same book, it is on sale HERE for just $2.99.  Wow, that is a great deal.  Click the title of the post to comment.


25 thoughts on “American Girl Crafts

      1. Chloe I am so happy that you replied!!!!! Do you have an email address or a phone number? Oh and how many dolls do you have?


      2. Chloe you dont understand how much I like your channel! Do you have an email address or a phone number? Anyways Your awesome, Riley


      3. I have been looking to get a YouTube channel by the time im 10 I hope im still into American girl by then! If I get one we should be YouTube friends! Who won the gift card giveaway? Anyways best of luck to you, your family, and your channel (im subscribed by the way) 🙂 -Riley


  1. I wish I was cool and had a website. I have had a youtube channel for a year. No subscribers my dad will not let my videos be public. I am a toal dork!!! 😦


      1. I can’t even have fun on my own channel! What’s the point of that! Oh, and Chloe I tried to email you but someone else answered : Sorry chloe can’t this . It’s not buiness related. I mean COME ON!!!!


      2. Sorry. I only use the email for business. You can send me letter, comment here or on Youtube. I always answer the comments and make videos about the letters I get.


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