How to Make an American Girl YouTube Video

I get asked a lot how do I make my videos and how do I make money on Youtube. This video will help you make your own videos.

There are four steps to making a good video. They are:

#1 Pick a pretty location.  I like to use my room and put lots of dolls around me. Don’t sit in front of a boring wall.

#2 Lighting is very important. I use this professional light because I make lots of videos.


You don’t have to buy a light. You can use lights in your house. Just make sure you are not it a dark room. It is important not to have a bright window right behind you. If you do this you will look dark.

#3 Make sure the room you are in is quiet. TURN OFF THE TV.  Tell your family that you are filming and ask them to please be quiet. Music helps make the video better. YouTube has free music you can add to the video when you are editing.

#4 My dad uses his iphone to film me. If you use a phone make sure you hold it sideways.


If you hold it sideways the picture will fill the whole screen. Make sure the camera is nice and close to you.

Once you have a great video, ask your parents to help you post it on YouTube.

I hope this helps you make good videos.


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