Traveling With Your American Girl Doll

I have taken my dolls to lots of great places.  In this video I pack MaryEllen up for a trip to San Diego. 

I love taking my dolls on trips. Do you ever take yours on vacation? Where do you go?

My most popular packing video was when I packed Grace for a trip to Palm Springs.

I packed Saige for a trip to Wyoming.

I packed Samantha for Texas.

My favorite trip was Hawaii. Here I packed Kanani:

If you pack your dolls you need to unpack them to. I did that here:

26 thoughts on “Traveling With Your American Girl Doll

  1. I like your videos its gives good ideas for my american girl doll grace Thomas I live in Idaho iam 10 years old can we be friends☺


  2. Hi chole I really like you packing for Texas video because i aim going to Texas in a month a I did not know what to bring for my american girl doll so do you have any more I dears on what elas I could bring thank u

    From a person


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