Decorating My American Girl Dollhouse For Halloween

I have been waiting all year to decorate my dollhouse for Halloween. I worked with my friends at to get a bunch of amazing items and costumes.

See my entire 2015 American Girl Doll collection in Halloween costumes as they come together for a huge Halloween party. You are invited to join us.

Learn more about all of the great Etsy items here, in order of appearance.
Click the links:
Panda Costume
Witch Costume
Butterfly Costume
Cat Costumes
Pumpkin Sleeping Bag
Penguin Costume
SuperGirl Costume
Halloween Outfit
Bunny Costume
Pastries and Treats
Clown Costume
Basket of Treats
Bag of Treats
Pumpkin Costume
Jester Costume
Purple Fairy Costume
Halloween Outfit
Trick or Treat Bag
Blue Fairy Costume



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