American Girl Doll Room For MaryEllen Larkin

I made a beautiful room for MaryEllen Larkin.  Most of the items in her room were things that I already owned.  The bedspreads were brand new.  It is amazing that the designer of the bedspreads is only 10 years old.  Lexi has her own Etsy shop where you can buy her designs.  Check out Lexi’s shop at by clicking HERE.  Lexi has over 75 items in her shop and I love them all.   Here is a picture of Lexi. 11076266_950398598304928_7725457151311400766_nCheck out my video and see Lexi’s bedspreads in MaryEllen’s room.



23 thoughts on “American Girl Doll Room For MaryEllen Larkin

  1. The room is beautiful! Lexi has a lot of talent. I purchased a bunk bed with a trundle so I could make a room for my dolls Samantha and Grace could have a room. When I get MaryEllen, she could have the trundle.


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