My Favorite American Girl Doll Videos

Here are clips and links to a bunch of my favorite American Girl Doll videos from my channel. To see the videos click the “i” in the top right corner of the video or click the links below:

Decorating American Girl Dollhouse

Saige’s Trip To The Wild West

Kanani’s Trip To Hawaii

Grace’s Trip To Palm Springs

2014 American Girl Christmas Haul


9 thoughts on “My Favorite American Girl Doll Videos

  1. hey chloe i was wondering that sense halloween is tomorrow what you are going to b for halloween? I am going to be a Bangled tiger i am not positive if thats its real name! It is like a snowy tiger. Oh and BTW i have wrote to you before just in a few diffrent names. I know most of them had to do with cupcakes. But i can’t help it I LOVE CUPCAKES!!!!!!! And one last thing i hope i am not asking too much of you to do this but if you can, can you do a video where you take us trick to treating with you because i am trick or treating with my BFF and she loves your channel too and she REALLY wants to see a video of you trick or treating. Hope you write back bye.
    Love your biggest fan Ella 😀


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