American Girl Movie Theatre

I made a movie theatre for my American Girl dolls.  It has a movie screen and seating area.

It also has a  snack bar with the American Girl popcorn machine.  I unboxed it in this video:

Comment below and tell me your favorite movie.

47 thoughts on “American Girl Movie Theatre

  1. Hey Chloe Me and my dolls love ur spa and movie theater what I want to know is how much you charge for movies so my dolls can go to the movies


  2. Hi chloe i am very sorry i havent been comenting on your videos my school and my homework is in the way but i will make sure that i can still comment i love you so much!! ❤️❤️??


  3. Love you videos and happy Halloween how old. Are you are you 8 . I have Isabella ag dall she whus the girl of the year last year ?


  4. I have Isabella The girls love to hear bustier Chloe I just love you videos can you be my friend on your phone or your website I’m the one who watches your video every single day never missed one video 🙂


  5. Hi chloe! I would absolutely love to come to your theater with my 4 dolls. My favorite movie theater snack is candy and my favorite movie is the Grace movie and Descendents.


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