It’s Mail Time

I love getting mail from all of you. It is so much fun seeing where all of my fans come from and reading your great letters.  If you want to send me a letter you can send it to:

Chloe’s American Girl
PO Box 251307
Los Angeles, CA 90025

I could not include all the letters in my video. Thanks to everyone below for sending me letters.

Maddy, Canada

Chloe, Bakersfield

Ava, Florida

Ashley, Oklahoma

Samantha, Australia

Savanna, North Carolina

Anna, Durham

Natalie, Bellflower

Anglea, Fairdealing

Amethyst, Alberta

Rebecca, Texas

Chloe, Kentucky

Katelyn, Downers Grove

Christina, Pinole

Teke’s Daughter, Millsboro

Teagan, Philadelphia

Briana, Rialto

Tanner, Kerrick

Ashley, Nantucket

Mary May, Memphis

Mave Pequot, Lakes

Erin, Southfield

Rocyden, Chattanooga

Morgan, Loganville

Olivia, Philipsburg

Ava, Fairfield

Kendall, Michigan

Kerri, Godley

Lucy, Ireland

Brooke, Tucson

Emily, New Market

Reese, Mt. Pleasant

Amira, South Orange

Diamond, Chicago

Bobbie, Belle Chasse

Lilliana, Long Island

Juillet, Macalen

Nadia, Monee

Allie, Florida

Jacelyn, Santa Clarita

Olivia, Highlands Ranch

Emily, Clearwater

Constance, Nova Scotia

Olivia, Pacifica

Charlotte, Culver City

Evie, United Kingdom

Gracie, Harrod

Gizet, Westbury

Ava, Hackettstown

Kailee, Rainir

Addison & Ella, Eauclaire

Alexis, Perry

Isabelle, Wichita

Justine, Ozone Park

Naveaeh, Arlington

Katie, Marblehead

BB, Fountain Valley

Mercedes, Columbia

Constance, Halifax

Abbie, Cambridgeshire

I read all of your letters and loved them.     Thank you so much!


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