A Diner For My American Girls

I really wanted a Diner for my American Girls. I found this great one at Target for the Our Generation dolls.  It is the perfect size for my dolls too and I love it.  It comes with almost 100 items including a working jukebox and neon lighting. It is incredibly detailed. Here are all the items that come with the set:

1 diner, 2 stools, 2 knives, 2 forks, 2 spoons, 2 bowls, 2 glasses, 1 drink pitcher, 24 dishes, 1 cake tray with 1 lid, 1 napkin holder, 1 salt shaker, 1 pepper shaker, 1 sugar shaker, 1 vinegar bottle, 1 mustard and 1 ketchup bottle, 1 hamburger with bun top and bottom, meat patty, pickles and lettuce, 1 grilled cheese sandwhich, 1 hot dog with bun, 1 smoked meat dish, 1 spaghetti dish, 1 fish sticks dish, 1 basket of french fries, 1 bowl of tomate soup, 2 bacon strips, 1 serving of sausagesm 1 serving of fried eggs, 9 cupcakes, 6 heart cookies, 9 doughnuts, 1 ice cream sundae, 1 ice cream cup, 1 cake with one removable piece, 1 pie with one removalbe piece, 1 pie tray, 1 pancake dish, 1 brownie ice cream dish, 2 soda bottles, 1 milkshake, 2 juice drinks, 1 coffee pot, 1 cup of coffee and 1 saucer, 1 pencil, 1 order pad, 6 paper bills, 3 coins, 1 piece of chalk




23 thoughts on “A Diner For My American Girls

  1. Chloe I love your videos and I check back every wendsday and Saturday. Today I was just so lucky I checked your channel right when you posted the dinner video and I was the first one to like it!!!! Thank you so much Chloe good luck!


  2. I’m never this fast but usually I check in the morning on Wednesday and Saturday and you have already posted your video because I think there is time change between us unless you post your videos at 6:00 am. I love dolls more then you I have 14 and I love them all. I’m 1 year older than you, and want my own channel. I like Starbucks too and now that I’m saying it I want a coffee. I’m sorry this is a long paragraph but I’m just really happy!
    I’m your # 1 fan , Alyssa can’t wait to check out more of your videos bye


  3. Hi Chloe! I can’t wait till Christmas, cause I am going to get this diner and the OG kitchen! I am going to put the kitchen behind the diner, so my dolls can cook there and serve food from the kitchen! I can’t wait to see what you get this Christmas!


  4. Chloe I just love watching your videos they are amazing but even better. Can I do a meet and greet someday? And where do you live? I’m just wondering. Plz reply.

    Your biggest fan Mina


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