American Girl Morning, Afternoon & Night Routine

Check out my American Girl doll McKenna’s morning, afternoon and night routine. 

Thank you all for watching my videos!

After a fun morning and day it is time for McKenna’s afternoon of gymnastics and her night routine.

I also have a morning and night routine. Check out those videos:



33 thoughts on “American Girl Morning, Afternoon & Night Routine

  1. Hi Chloe! I am Angelina, the girl that sent you 1 letter and 1 package, with the rulers, school books, cookies and chips. Glad you liked it! I also sent you a Halloween package in October. But on your opening mail video, you didn’t get it, so sorry if it comes a little late! Hope you use the decorations in it for your dollhouse next year! Please reply!


    1. I still have a bunch of mail that I have not opened yet. I will make a new video soon. Thanks so much for thinking of me and sending me the great items.


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