American Girl Entertainment Center

Check out this great Entertainment set by American Girl. This is everything that comes with the Music and Movies Entertainment Set.

-A TV console with cabinet doors and storage shelves
-A pretend LED-lit TV that sits on top of the console, with three transparent TV screens that slide inside for the dolls to view
-A make-believe DVD player with two DVDs that can be inserted and ejected
-A TV remote that fits in the doll’s handA pretend microphone that dolls can hold for karaoke
-Two cardstock bins with different patterns to customize the décor—a total of 16 possible pattern combinations
-Doll-sized 3D glasses
-Designer door inserts—floral pattern on one side, and mirrored with artwork on the other


11 thoughts on “American Girl Entertainment Center

  1. COOL! Now you have the popcorn machine and the entertainment set! Are you going to get the comfy couch set? Because they all go together.


  2. Me and my dolls love watching your videos it always makes us so excited to see a new video on your channel! You make us so happy! Thanks for making really cool videos!


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