American Girl Packs For Hawaii

I am so excited. I am about to go to Hawaii and I am bringing Isabelle. Watch as I pack her up for the big trip.

CLICK HERE to see when I packed Kanani for Hawaii last year.  CLICK HERE to see her trip.  Coming soon I will post Isabelle’s trip.

19 thoughts on “American Girl Packs For Hawaii

  1. Hi chloe i love this video!!!! ?? i was going to ask you if you got my mail i sent it on the 25 of November if you did, i hope you love it!! You are so amazing chloe!! I love you alot!!!! I whatch your videos almost every day! Hope i get to see you soon!!


  2. I hope you have as awesome trip and I’m looking forward to your video. I’ve been to Kona once and it was amazing. Have fun.


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