American Girl Isabelle in Hawaii With Dolphins and Turtles

I took my American Girl doll Isabelle to Hawaii.  We had an amazing time.  I swam with dolphins and saw lots of turtles. Isabelle loved it too.

CLICK HERE to see when I packed her for the trip.

CLICK HERE to see when I took Kanani to Hawaii.

CLICK HERE to see Kanani pack for Hawaii.




19 thoughts on “American Girl Isabelle in Hawaii With Dolphins and Turtles

      1. Im sorry this question isn’t based on this video but will you make another video about answering questions from fans?


  1. The dolphins were beautiful! They are my favorite animals! I also really love turtles and seals. What is your favorite animal?


  2. It looks like you had a blast with Isabelle. I would love to be on the boat with you searching for dolphins. By the way, breakfast looked delicious!


      1. My parents said they might take me and my sister to Hawaii someday. I live about an 11-12 hour plane ride from Hawaii, so my parents think I won’t be able to sit on the plane that long. 😦


  3. To chole and Isabelle that looked like you had so much fun last year I went to Fiji but I don’t have a ag doll I’m saving up to buy one in Fiji there were ativites for the kids like fish feeding at1pm every afternoon and weveing and stuff we aso had a buffet And a swim up bar we had so much fun like you and Isabelle by


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