Decorating My Room For Christmas

Last year I decorated my American Girl Dollhouse for Christmas.   That became my most popular video ever.  This year I decorated my entire room.  Comment below and tell me your favorite part.

CLICK HERE to see my most popular video ever when I decorated my dollhouse for Christmas.


29 thoughts on “Decorating My Room For Christmas

  1. I love the Santa Claus and the gingerbread man ornament. Super cute. My birthday is tomorrow and I’ll be 50. 🙂


  2. Chloe I really liked how you decorated your dollhouse last year for Christmas. I thought how you decorated your room was also pretty cool too. I have a few questions for you my first question is on Christmas do you dress up and dress you dress your dolls really fancy for Christmas, Do you teach your dolls school,do you play with them during the week and my last question is do you ever watch or do stuff with your dolls off camera


    1. I love to play with my dolls. Whenever friends come over we go in my room and make a huge mess with all my dolls:) This is off camera. Yes sometimes we play with them at their dolls school and I do dress them up for Christmas.


      1. What do you think I’m leaning toward entertaining and giving advice on how to keep your doll looking and feeling her best. I thought since my YouTube is in the process and it may take awhile that a blog is a start.


  3. Your room looks so pretty! I like Grace’s french bakery and the Cheistmas tree by your door. Is your family Christmas tree real or artificial? Mine is real.


  4. YAY! 🙂 I’ve been waiting for this video ever since you told me you would make it! Can you decorate your room for: Valentine’s Day, Easter, Fourth Of July, Halloween, and Thanksgiving this year? Like you do for your dollhouse.


  5. Your room looks amazing and definitely ready for Christmas! 🙂 I love your tree and the candy cane lights! they are really cool! 🙂


  6. I sent you a Christmas package with little decorations for your dollhouse! Please look for it in your PO box it will have Christmas stickers on the front, and it will say my name on the back.


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