My Starbucks Adventure

Did you know Starbuck has a secret menu with amazing drinks like Caramel Cotton Candy, Butterbeer, Cinnamon Roll and Willy Wonka.  I downloaded the app on my dad’s phone and love getting special secret drinks at Starbucks. Come with me to Starbucks and check it out.



22 thoughts on “My Starbucks Adventure

  1. Chloe, can you do a video of your Christmas routine like how you did your morning and night one. Please do one for your Christmas routine. Love your videos. You rock!


      1. Hi Chloe I hope you don’t think that I was being weird I was just curious because I know some people’s parents only allow their kids to have dolls that are their race. My mom only allows me to have dolls that’s my race. I have some questions and video request I’ll start with my questions. Do you paint your dolls nails,how do you organize and keep ur doll stuff neat cuz you have a lot of items and furniture, do you want to get dolls that’s outside of ag dolls such as Journey Girls or Adora,Dollieandme ect… And my last question is since you have so many dolls do you want a bookshelf dollhouse and do you plan on in the future getting one or a my girls dollhouse? I have a few video request can you do a updated doll collection,can you make a video of hairstyling,how you organize ur doll stuff,a tag or call to ag. And can we be friends


      2. I don’t paint their nails. I only collect the AG dolls but I like the accessories from the other companies. I don’t have room for a bookshelf dollhouse. I just put the dolls all around my room. I show all my dolls in Halloween costumes. I’m terrible at hair styles. Thanks for being such a big fan. Yes let’s be friends


  2. Cool! 🙂 My mom goes to Starbucks sometimes, when we go there my mom sometimes she buys me the Marshmallow dream bar. It is delicious! Have you ever tried it?


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