2015 American Girl Christmas Haul and More

Merry Christmas everyone! I had a great Christmas yesterday and got lots of great presents including some really cool American Girl accessories.  I will do full videos of the AG stuff soon. Here is everything I got.


19 thoughts on “2015 American Girl Christmas Haul and More

  1. I love the travel coat!! This is what I got for Xmas: The OG diner, the OG kitchen, the AG pet grooming set, the AG doll pets craft set, a AG Caroline set that came with three of her books a bookmark mini Caroline and mini doll stand, money, a makeup bag from Sephora which I am going to use as a toiletry bag, and a Iphone 6s with a pink case!! For my 2 dolls I bought the AG Princess collar and leash and the AG earmuffs.


  2. Hello Chloe, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I love all your videos especially this Christmas haul. Can you please do a video of you setting up the ride along dolly car seat for your ag doll? I have seen your video of you riding you bike with grace. Please do another one with your new car seat toy for your doll please.


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