Hint #4 – Girl of the Year

I am so excited and honored that American Girl asked me to reveal the fourth hint about the 2016 Girl of The Year.   I’ve had to keep this a secret for a month and finally get to share it with all of you.  American Girl sent me this amazing clue box.img_3316.jpg

Inside the box was this new American Girl turtle.  I think I am the first person to own it:)

Also in the box was the following clue:

Lea loves animals of all kinds,  whether they’re furry, fuzzy, feathered – or even slimy!
She’ll encounter a lot of cool animals in her story – like this sea turtle!


We know her name is Lea Clark and I can’t wait to meet her on January 1st.  I will shoot a video and post it later in the day!

CLICK HERE to see all the other hints.


8 thoughts on “Hint #4 – Girl of the Year

  1. Chloe my name is Savanah. I love your videos that you make. I’ve watched almost all of your videos. Thank you for posting the video on Lea Clark. I don’t know yet who it was. I have so many american girl doll and accessories and other things.


    1. Hello Savanah. I have Lea and have posted video on my YouTube channel. I hope you get to watch it and see how pretty she is.


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