80,000 Subscribers!

It has been a great few days. I joined Instagram. Please follow me @ChloesAmericanGirl. The new Girl of the Year came out today. Check my Youtube page soon to see Lea Clark’s entire collection in my biggest haul ever. Today I hit 80,000 YouTube subscribers.  I am so happy! Thank you.



23 thoughts on “80,000 Subscribers!

    1. Hi Braley. Thank you so much for watching my videos. I have two routine videos and you can see most of my house in them.


  1. Hi. I love all of your videos. I love your dolls too. I wish I could be your friend.
    I have Maryellen, Isabelle, and Truly me #59.


  2. I love y so much I don’t have any American girl doll but my birthday is coming up in March the sixth I love your videos I like Maryellen coralline Isabelle grace totally Samantha truly me dolls but hears my question why are American girl dolls so expensive and I like josefina to I’m so happy for you that you have 80,000 subscribers one of them is me Miya ? The most American girl dolls I like are Lea marryellan Samantha and I forgot to mention me kana to she’s one of my favorites Chloe I love your channel so much I’m your biggest fan love u bye?


    1. Best freinds??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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