Full Collection 2016 Girl of the Year Haul

Check out the entire 2016 Girl of the Year Lea Clark collection. I am so excited to share this with you.  Follow me on my new Instagram page @CholesAmericanGirl.

11 thoughts on “Full Collection 2016 Girl of the Year Haul

  1. Hi Chloe,
    I like Lea Clark a lot I like her bathing outfit and the outfit with the yellow an pink shirt. Sadly my mom won’t let me get Lea. I was wondering if you are planning on getting melody this summer? I hope to get melody the picture I’ve seen of her is cute and different I’ve seen some pictures of her supposedly her collection. Do you know anything about melody I know that she’s suppose to be a singer and her hair at the ends is curly which in my opinion I think is a little weird. I hope to read lea’s book even though I’m not getting her. I think she is a repeat of Kanani and I like Kanani a lot I want her in my collection but she’s really expensive on eBay and Amazon but I still want her and hopefully one day I’ll get her. Ur shirt looks like the shirt in Lea’s collection so you and your doll can dress the same. How is the weather in California it feels like spring here where I live. Well bye Chloe I’m going to go watch some of your videos.


    1. Hello 🙂 The weather here is really nice. They said we were to have storms today, but it did not happen. I don’t know if I will get Melody, but I will probably will. 🙂


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