2016 Girl of the Year Lea Clark’s Fruit Stand

This completes my full set of the 2016 Girl of the Year Lea Clark.  Part of her set is this really cool fruit stand. It was very easy tp put together and comes with over 30 pieces.  I love the detail of each item. It makes we want to own my own real fruit stand.


11 thoughts on “2016 Girl of the Year Lea Clark’s Fruit Stand

  1. I love the fruit stand?Hi Chloe I am Erika and I am 10 years old and love your channel so much!! How do you buy all the ag stuff?? How old are you?? I also have an Instagram and YouTube and I home you subscribe to me and follow me. my YouTube channel is Erika Sudigala and my Instagram is erikasamericangirl please follow and subscribe me!! As you see in my channel and Instagram I love my American girls so much!! Can you do a video of all your American girl stuff you have?? Are you famous for your YouTube?? do you get money?? are you rich?? I also do gymnastics and love it so much I am on level 3. what level are you on?? Do you compete?? For my birthday on May 1 I just found out I am going to the ag place in New York City yeah!! Do you have any suggestions on what I should get??
    Hope you get back to me.

    Your friend Erika Sudigala


    1. Hello Erika. I save my money so I can buy the things. I also use the money that I get from YouTube. That is awesome that you are going to the American Girl store in New York. If you get a doll, get one that you like the most and the hairstyle that you like. You’ll have to let me know which one you decide to get.


  2. Hi Chloe! I love the fruit stand that Lea has its so real! Who is your favourite American girl doll? mine is Saige, McKenna and Lea Clark. Will you be taking Lea to your next holiday? And a different doll? Thanks xx


    1. Hello!! I love Lea a lot as I just got her, but I really don’t have a favorite as I love all my dolls. On our next vacation, I will probably take Lea with me.


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