Chloe’s Mailbag

It is time to open up my mailbag and check out all the cool letters and packages that you sent me. Make sure to watch the end credits if you sent me a letter or package that I did not open on camera. I wish I could get to all of them.

32 thoughts on “Chloe’s Mailbag

  1. Hey Chloe you didn’t get to open my mail on camera but I’m really happy that I got in the credit part I was going to ask u if u can answer my question in case I had one please ?


  2. Hi Chloe my daughter Tanisha is 7yrs old and she watches your videos everyday,and she just loves you and your dolls as a matter of fact she is getting her very first AG doll on valentines it will be a big surprise she getting Lea the new 2016 doll I cant wait to see her face. How old were you when you recieved your first AG doll? And which one was she? Keep up the good work.


    1. i sent you a letter with presents in it and it says from port hardy on it and i was wondering if you have got it yet if you could open it in your next video


      1. I’m going to go get my mail soon. I look forward to getting the letter and presents that you sent. You rock.


  3. i can’t believe u hid under that mail ! u got a lot of mail I’m really jellies of u but i am still a huge fan of u and do u ever brush your hair?


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