Opening American Girl Doll Diabetes Care Kit

Do you know anyone with Type 1 Diabetes? I do. My friend Charlie has it and it effects millions of kids . I was very excited to see that American Girl just came out with a diabetes care kit for dolls. I wanted to make this video to show you the new kit and talk to you about Type 1 Diabetes.  To learn even more about this deadly disease CLICK HERE.

Thanks for watching this video. This is a special one for me.


13 thoughts on “Opening American Girl Doll Diabetes Care Kit

  1. I’m a big fan Chloe I’m saving up to buy a amerankin girl doll on eBay because I live in newzeland and there is not a ag shop there? I want grace or stage buy


  2. Hey Chloe,
    How do you make ur videos on Wednesdays I would really love to know because where I live ur video is posted in the middle of the day. Do you film at night morning or afternoon.


  3. I feel bad for all the people that have Diabetes!! 😦 Especially kids, because it’s harder for them to handle it. 😦 😦


  4. are you coming to nz one day because i live in nz it is hot the last few days it has been 31 that’s hot so I have been doing swimming a lot I love gym like you from bella


  5. Hey Chole first of all please respond?Second I love your videos and you inspired me to get a YouTube channel for American girl dolls and maybe me and my friend to do challenges so if I get one I’ll let you know what it is and maybe you can subscribe?? We’ll see ya! Love,Cait❤️


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