American Girl Photo Shoot With Fuji Instax Camera

In this video watch as I unbox my new Fuji Instax camera and take pictures of Lea Clark the new 2016 Girl of The Year. It is a great camera and super easy to use.  I hope you have been enjoying my videos. I am continuing to post videos every Wednesday and Saturday and ocassionally posting Surprise Sunday videos.


18 thoughts on “American Girl Photo Shoot With Fuji Instax Camera

  1. Oh yeah that’s right it was a gift, I’ll have to go online to see where they’re sold. I miss holding a picture in my hands, it’s not the same taking pics on my phone. I love the colors too.


  2. That was so funny how you were doing FaceTime with Luna and you were in the same room! I also love the fuji cameras! You got me interested into them! Have fun with the photo shoot!


  3. I want one it’s so cool did Luna go to winomimg with you when I save up to buy grace I’m going to bring her to Fiji and to other cool places I also want lea and a look alike I want the journey girls loft bed I wach all your videos I live in New Zealand so there is not a ag store? But I can buy it of eBay you have so much cool stuff buy from your cool fan Bella aka Isabella??


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