13 thoughts on “2016 Girl of the Year Visits Grace’s Bistro

  1. I love all the detail! When I went to the San Francisco store before New Year’s day, I got the pastry cart instead of this. I wish I could’ve gotten both!


  2. Can I please get the holiday outfit shoes too and I want that pink dress that Grace wore on Valentines day . and I want that outfit ans shoes that Kanani wore on there second day in Hawaii . Please Chloe thanks and I nearly watched all your videos . I like how you dress and how you dress your dolls . I really want Grace`s cooking outfit and her bakery and Grace . I have a question for you do you like Chloe`s American Girl Doll Channel. Did you like Hawaii, Palm Springs,Texas, San Diego , and the Wild West and other places you have went because I watched you go to Hawaii with Kanani ,I have watched you to Palm Springs with Grace, I have watched you go to Texas with Samantha ,I have watched you go to San Diego with Maryellen, I have watched you go to the Wild West with Saige .But I did not watch all of your videos.


  3. Chloe can I get all of your American Girl band outfits of course they need shoes . And I want that outfit Grace wore on Valentine`s Day. And I want Mckenna`s outfit and her shorts.


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