Shopkins Season 4 FULL CASE 30 BLIND Baskets w/ 60 Shopkins

It’s time for another Surprise Sunday video. Check out the entire case of Shopkins Season 4 Blind Baskets. CLICK HERE to see an entire case of Shopkins Season 3 Blind Baskets.  CLICK HERE to see Shopkins Season 3 surprise eggs.

15 thoughts on “Shopkins Season 4 FULL CASE 30 BLIND Baskets w/ 60 Shopkins

  1. Chloe I’m Lauren,and I watch your channel every day. I expeccily love the Suprise Sundays. I olso love shopkins and AG dolls.I have six thanks for reading this. Your BIGGEST fan Lauren.


  2. Hi chloe I just wanted to ask you where to bought the case of shopkins at! Love your channel you totally deserve everything that you get in your videos! #1 fan your the #1 channel!


  3. Hi Chloe, my name is Lilly and I love your videos. Your so good at making them and should never stop because you are AWESOME. My friend has her very own YouTube channel too but it’s not getting so many veiws as she thought it had be. I saw your video about YouTube videos. We are using some of those tips and she had uploaded 1 video. Her channel is called Aisha’s American Girl. One video is of her dancing when she was little. It’s so cute. I have seen your videos too when you were little. Please give her veiws because I haven’t told her I am writing to u. So once she sees it she’ll be very happy.

    Biggest fan


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