Decorating American Girl Dollhouse for Valentine’s

As many of you know, I love decorating my American Girl Dollhouse for holidays.   I have now decorated it for almost every major holiday.   Last year I decorated it for Valentine’s and it was one of my most popular videos ever.   CLICK HERE to see that video.  If you want to see all of my decorating videos CLICK HERE.


16 thoughts on “Decorating American Girl Dollhouse for Valentine’s

  1. How cute!!!! ???❤️ Are you going to use your decorations that you used for your dollhouse last year to decorate your room?


    1. I love how you decorated your dollhouse for Valentine’s Day.
      I wish I had an American Girl doll.
      Love you so much


  2. Your dollhouse is so pretty. I love all the decorations. I’m going to decorate too. Next month you can do St Patrick’s day.


  3. Hi chloe, I love ur channel. Can you please answer my questions.
    Do you like barbies?
    Do you have any boyfriends?
    What is your favourite subject at school.
    I love you chloe. Your the best!


  4. Chloe I think you are cool!!????????????????? and tell YouTube I said hi and I’m a huge fan of Miranda sings are you? Also, I love the Fine bros do you? Well write back xo, Betty ????????????????☕️


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