Unboxing New American Girl Doll

I bought a new Truly Me Doll from American Girl. Come with me to the American Girl Place and watch as I choose what doll I am going to buy.  While I was there I got to meet a bunch of my fans from YouTube. It was lots of fun checking out the store and meeting  so many people.  I named my new doll Brooklyn.  I hope you enjoy the video.



14 thoughts on “Unboxing New American Girl Doll

  1. Hi Chloe!!!!! Please tell Brooklyn that I said “welcome to the family “. She is soooo adorable just like you!!!!! ?????✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨


  2. Chloe can you please do what you have on your iPhone video or iPad? I got an iPad mini for Christmas and I need help on apps and games to download. Do you have any suggestions?



      1. Awesome! ??? Can you do a video were you go to the AG store and get outfits for her and accesecories that match her personalitie?


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