19 thoughts on “American Girl Doll Band

  1. Hey Chloe I loved the band all of your dolls looked amazing my favorite outfit was the dress that MaryEllen wore and the dress that Lea wore. I liked all the outfits but those two caught my eye. You are an amazing AGtuber and I hope that even though I’m a little older than you that I’ll be able to do the same. Yesterday I was watching Jane Smith she makes YouTube videos about AG too. She was doing a live event chat and your channel got mentioned. Well bye Chloe and please check out my website: amazingdollies16.worldpress.com. Bye gotta go.


  2. Wow Chloe this was Amazing!!!! ?? it’s definitely my new favorite video on your channel!! How did you do the concert scene? Was it with IMovie?


  3. Can you plz do another giveaway because I’ve never won any giveaways and I just wanted to try receiving giveaways from my favorite YouTubers….. Thank you Chloe!


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