Chloe Becomes A Mermaid

I became a mermaid for the day. I hope you enjoy this video. Comment below and tell me if you would like to be a mermaid for one day and live under the sea.

21 thoughts on “Chloe Becomes A Mermaid

  1. Hi chloe.i am 7.i am a huge fan.i live all the way in Jamaica. I love your videos. You and I have the og diner. 🙂 We haven’t mailed each other. My email address is ………

    Bye Chloe

    your fan….Kailee


  2. Chloe, I have the og diner don’t you.? I loved your room tour you answer the comments or your mom.?.I am in 2nd grade.I hope we meet soon. where do you live?


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