Decorating American Girl Dollhouse For St. Patrick’s Day

I have been decorating my American Girl Dollhouse for every major holiday.  St Patrick’s Day is just around the corner on March 17th.  I went to Michael’s and Aahs to buy some great decorations and then had fun with all my dolls as we decorated the dollhouse.  Check out all the other holidays that I hvae decorated my dollhouse for by CLICKING HERE.



13 thoughts on “Decorating American Girl Dollhouse For St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Hello. I love your videos and I have seen all of them and watch them again and again since they never get boring. I l always come every Saturday and Wednesday and sometimes Sunday for your new videos. Will there be a surprise Sunday video tomorrow? If it is then can’t wait and if not can’t wait for Wednesday! ?


  2. Love this video. I love watching all of your dollhouse decorating videos. keep it up! can u do a new night routine video soon pls?


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