My Five Favorite American Girl Doll Travel Videos

I have been very lucky to get to take my American Girl Dolls on some great trips. I have brought them to Hawaii, Wyoming, Texas and Palm Springs. Hawaii is my favorite place in the world. I love swimming with dolphins and playing at the pool. Where is your favorite place to go on vacation? Have you ever brought your dolls? Comment below and tell me. I hope you enjoy watching my five favorite American Girl travel videos.



9 thoughts on “My Five Favorite American Girl Doll Travel Videos

  1. I’ve been to many places with my dolls. Probably my favorite trip with one if my dolls was when I went to Orlando, Florida. Have you ever been there? My favorite travel video with your dolls was when you went to Yexas with Samantha.


  2. I really like the video when you went to Wyoming with Saige because I liked how you put her in the canoe and on the four-wheeler. I only went on vacation with my dolls once and that was last Thanksgiving. I went to NYC with Maryellen. I’m going to Disneyland for spring break. What is your favorite Disney princess? Mine is Jasmine.


  3. Chloe pls answer my questions. Thanks!

    Do u have any boyfriends?
    What’s youe favourite subject at school

    Pls answer my questions. I love your videos. If I had an YouTube channel I would subscribe a million times. Bye !


  4. Hi Chloe! Its me Angelina! Cool video! I just realized that I haven’t been commenting on here in a long time whoops!!!


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