Decorating American Girl Dollhouse For Easter

I love to decorate my American Girl Dollhouse for the holidays.  I have been doing it for just over a year now. This is the second year that I have decorated it for Easter.  If you want to spend a fun day with me as I shop for the decorations CLICK HERE.

If you want to watch all of my holiday decoration videos CLICK HERE.


19 thoughts on “Decorating American Girl Dollhouse For Easter

  1. hi chole i love you very much please replay love you!!!!!!!!! you are a big inspartion to me my best friend nathiala smoot and thanks!!!


  2. I like this year’s house for Easter better than last year’s. You did an AMAZING job! I also really like where you hid the special eggs. Did you use any of the decorations from last year?


  3. Hi Chloe have you bought anything lately from American Girl doll? I was thinking about buying my daughter the ice cream cart what do you think about that cart?


  4. I love this video. Are u going to do an Easter egg hunt? I have seen your video of it last year. This year I hope you win the golden egg because you deserve it. I love u Chloe and your my only friend.


  5. Your dollhouse looks beautiful! I love all of the “guard bunnies”! You did a really nice job. I really like how the baskets went with the colors of the dolls dresses.


  6. Your dollhouse looks awesome Chloe!! Nice job! When are you gonna go to the AG place again?? It would be great if I met you there!


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