American Girl Doll Ice Cream Cart

I just love this new American Girl Doll ice cream cart. It comes with many realistic items like ice cream, sprinkles, spoons, a scooper, and chocolate sauce. It is time to throw an ice cream party for my girls. Comment below and tell me your favorite ice cream flavor.

11 thoughts on “American Girl Doll Ice Cream Cart

  1. Hi Chloe, I love this video and I am going to buy the ice cream cart soon. What’s your favourite ice cream flavour? What are u doing for spring break? Please please please please please please please reply. I am your biggest fan and one of your subscribers. Bye


  2. Your so cute and pretty. In your night routine video I saw your mom and you look just like her and your sister too. By the way what happened to club kate ? I searched her on your channel and couldn’t find her. Anyways great video love ya.


  3. I prefer chocolate syrup over sprinkles. This set it really nice. You have SOOOO many American Girl things. Do you use your own money to get all these American girl items?


    1. I save up my money so I can get the things for my dolls. I have a video on my YouTube channel with tips on how to save.


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