Packing My New American Girl Doll For My Spring Break Trip

Happy Easter. I love taking my dolls on trips with me.  It is Spring Break and I am taking my brand new doll to San Diego. Check out how I packed her clothing and accessories for the trip.  To see all of my packing videos CLICK HERE.

33 thoughts on “Packing My New American Girl Doll For My Spring Break Trip

  1. Cool video Chloe, I hope you and your family have a great time in San Diego. I was there a year ago and I loved it.


    1. I bought a new doll, so now I have 15. I’m doing a video soon and I will tell her name to everyone in that video.


      1. Chloe I love you and I hope you reply ,I have 9 american girl dolls.i don’t have spring break thank for the videos


      1. Is it fun there? I love closer to Disney Land than Disney World but I have family in the area so my family decided to go.


  2. hi cloe are you going to make another video soon and if you are then please tell me when and i adore and love every video you do i hope you replysoon although its spring break?


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