American Girl Canopy Bed Set

I bought the new American Girl canopy Bed set.  For $170 I got the bed, bedding, a new doll and a set of PJs. Check out the set as I unbox and assemble it.

I hope you are all having a great Spring Break. Comment below and tell me if you are.

22 thoughts on “American Girl Canopy Bed Set

      1. chloe i really want lea clark for my birthday but my mom said she will get it for my birthday if i pay 40 and she pays the rest


  1. I really want the bed for myself! It is SOOOOOOOO nice and big! I cannot believe it was cheaper than the entertainment set and ice cream cart! Maybe your new doll can sleep in it!! How tall is the bed compared to the doll?


  2. Hi Chole it’s ife, I just wanted you to tell you I have not forgot about you I still love your videos and I still always watch I know I have not talked to you in a while but I promise I have not forgot abut you and your dolls
    sincerly kate and ife


  3. When does your spring break finish? Mine finishes April 4. By the way April Fool’s Day! Hope your having a great time in San Diego.


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