Name My New American Girl Doll

I got a brand new American Girl doll with the Canopy Bed set and want you to help me name it.  Leave a comment here or on the video and tell me what you think the perfect name would be.  I will read all the comments and pick one.  I can’t wait to share the name I pick with you.  If you want to see the Canopy Bed set CLICK HERE.



18 thoughts on “Name My New American Girl Doll

  1. These are the following names I think would suit your doll:
    I have a lot more names but these are just a few. I hope you pick one of mine, but then again, you have A LOT of fans!! (Including me!!)


  2. Lauren, Laura, Kira, Skyler, Luna, Alani, Val, Baily, Layla. When you pick the name are you gonna tell everyone In your video who suggested the name????


  3. This is Aisha from Aisha’s American Girl. Thank you for looking at my video and commenting on it. Can u please give me a shout out ? please reply. I like the name Summer for your new doll.


  4. kinberly brithney karina apsen seaira jannet hanna trinty senddera alllison all these name are prefect were your supriesd sunday video

    kinberlly apsen karina seaira jannet senddera alllison hanna trinty kanni kit filstiy

    love carmen citlaly ps. you make good take good care of your hair brush it


  5. Hi Chloe, It’s me Amelie from New Zealand. I think you should call her Stella because she looks like a Stella.


    1. Hello Amelie, my fans helped me pick the name Kylie. There is a video on my page that I made when I picked the name.


      1. Kylie is a pretty name. I personally was hoping for Kierra, but Kylie was my second choice. 😛


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