American Girl Lea Clark’s Amazing Bedroom

I made a great bedroom for Lea Clark the 2016 American Girl of the Year.  Her room has a homework desk, vanity, The American Girl Bouquet Bed and a bunk bed for her friends to sleepover.  

Comment and tell me your favorite part of Lea’s room.  I love her Bouquet Bed.  To see the video where I opened the bed CLICK HERE.



13 thoughts on “American Girl Lea Clark’s Amazing Bedroom

      1. Thanks for replying. I can’t wait for Saturday. What video will u be posting? I am a big fan of your channel. I love u Chloe ??????. This is u ? Princess Chloe. Please reply again. Xoxoxo Belle


      2. Hello. I am doing a video on the American Girl Doll Spring Collection. I hope you enjoy the video.


  1. Hi chole my name is Isabella but you can call me Bella I love lea I’m getting a puppy so cute I do not have a ameracan girl doll but I want one because I live in New Zealand and they don’t sell them there
    Love bella


  2. Hey Chloe I love your dolls , videos and more . I’m a big fan of your website I even have American girl doll’s too . I’m in 2nd grade ok . I love you Grace and Mary Ellen ill be texting you and yo’ll learn more about me . Keep up the good work .


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