21 thoughts on “American Girl Spring Collection

  1. love your videos like always by the way do you have my life i subcibe love all the oflets and thank you so mouch for the video on wensday ?


  2. All of those outfits are so cute on Kanani! What’s your favorite outfit that you opened in this video? Mine was the spring breeze dress set.


  3. I really like the spring outfits you got! They look so cute! I only have one out of the three outfits, which is the spring breeze dress set. Which outfit do you want to get next from American Girl?


  4. Hey Chloe I just started watching your videos and I love them leishmaniasis I could get a American girl doll but l live in Austrlia bye Chloe


  5. My name is Chloe too and I live in California! I love the first outfit. I have been watching your videos for a long time and are obsessed with them. I have 4 ag dolls . They are grace Maryellen Julie and a look alike doll my older sister had, her name is Emily


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