MaryEllen’s Great Adventure

I took my American Girl Doll, MaryEllen, on a fun adventure.  We went to Starbucks, the school jungle gym and bike riding. Have you ever brought your dolls on ad adventure?  Comment below and tell me where you brought them and what your favorite part of my adventure was.



15 thoughts on “MaryEllen’s Great Adventure

  1. Hi Chloe I’ve seen your doll’s there so cute. My two favorite dolls are Mary Ellen and Grace I have them. I love your channel I’m in second grade. It would be awesome to meet you. I’ll keep on texting you and yo’ll learn more about me. Keep on bmaking good videos.


  2. For adventures, I got to the American Girl store, the mall, and restaurants. Just last week, I went to the American Girl in New York with my doll Lea. I was also able to buy Lea’s fruit stand! I love it so much!


      1. Yesterday I took my doll Lea to the Santa Monica Pier and we both: rode the merri-go round, walked around, saw this funny guy dancing, and we both saw a Seal! Lea was most excited about seeing the Seal! 🙂


  3. I like to take my american girl dolls to the park too. It looks like you had fun! What are you doing for summer vacation? Are u excited for the summer? I can’t wait. There’s only 2 months of school left.


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