Justice Haul & Fashion Show

I love to shop for clothing at Justice. In this video I made a fashion show from all of the new clothing I bought for Spring.

Comment below and tell me your favorite outfit.

9 thoughts on “Justice Haul & Fashion Show

  1. My favorite outfit was outfit #3. The dress was so pretty and could basically be used for any occasion besides Easter. By the way, your pool is REALLY nice! 🙂


  2. My favourite outfit is the first one that was the dress that was purple and had flowers and the third one which was the Easter dress. I don’t know which I like better. They both are so cute. You look really nice In your clothes.


  3. Do u know how to swim? Did u take swimming lessons? I’m learning how to swim but my instructor says I have to over come the fear of putting my face in the water. Do you know any swimming tips I can use? By the way have u seen the movie Chrissa stands strong. It’s from american girl.


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