9 thoughts on “Justice Haul & Fashion Show

  1. My favorite outfit was outfit #3. The dress was so pretty and could basically be used for any occasion besides Easter. By the way, your pool is REALLY nice! 🙂


  2. Next time you should do a video of you going to Justice. Do you like a justice? I love justice and shop there all the time.


  3. My favourite outfit is the first one that was the dress that was purple and had flowers and the third one which was the Easter dress. I don’t know which I like better. They both are so cute. You look really nice In your clothes.


  4. Do u know how to swim? Did u take swimming lessons? I’m learning how to swim but my instructor says I have to over come the fear of putting my face in the water. Do you know any swimming tips I can use? By the way have u seen the movie Chrissa stands strong. It’s from american girl.


    1. Hi, I do know how to swim. For swimming tips, you should really do what your swimmer instructor tells you.


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