American Girl Mega Bloks

Did you know that Toys R Us sells American Girl Mega Blok sets.  I bought several of them and will share them with you over the next couple of months.  Today I built Saige’s Art Studio. I love all the great details and it was lots of fun to make.

16 thoughts on “American Girl Mega Bloks

  1. That set is so cool! It is also perfect for your actual American Girl dolls to play with. For some reason, Mega Bloks reminds me of legos. Don’t you think so?


  2. This set is really cool. I am going to go to Toys R Us and choose the one I like. Can u make more videos like this so and give reviews? That will help me choose.


  3. This is a lot like the Lego Friends and it’s even better because it’s American Girl. I can’t wait to get this. How much is it?


  4. Hi Chloe I have watched almost all of your videos. I have a question, how do you save so much money while you are doing a bake sale or lemonade stand? I hope I can get the Sunshine gardening bench and the Ice cream cart from American girl. Please keep making videos, and also can you maybe buy the sunshine gardening bench and make a video? You don’t have to though. You make the best videos!


  5. Saige’s art studio is so cute! For Easter, I got the Grace Mega Bloks set. I now really want to get Saige’s art studio!! You should definitely get the Grace Mega Bloks set if you can.


  6. Can you do a what you have on your ipad video soon? It’s where you show the games and apps you suggest and download on your iPad or iPhone.


  7. You are so lucky to get all these AG items! Saige’s art studio is really cute and also easy to build! Do you have any other sets of mega bloks?


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