Shopping At Justice

I had a great time shopping at Justice. If you have never been this video gives you a good idea of all the great stuff they have from clothing to toys to makeup and accessories.  Check out my Justice Fashion show by CLICKING HERE.

Comment below and tell me your favorite items.

12 thoughts on “Shopping At Justice

  1. The dresses at Justice are really pretty! My favorite t-shirt was the one that said “Team Unicorn” because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE UNICORNS!!!!!!! (Sorry if you got weirded out.) I also liked all of the other unicorn items, including the pencil holder that you got. 🙂


  2. Hi Chloe my name is Ryah and I LOVE your channel! I make videos on my tablet sometimes with my dolls too. I have 2 dolls named Grace and Isabelle. What doll do you want next?


  3. I like the pizza shirt. It makes you feel hungry lol. What’s your favourite shirt? Do you like eating pizza too? I love pizza. What’s your favourite food?


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